2 Reasons To Journey Into Henderson Nevada


If Henderson Nevada is a place that you have never been to before, it is certainly a great place to vacation. Very close to Boulder City, and also Las Vegas, you really can’t go wrong with its location. Sitting near the base of the state of Nevada, and the gateway to the Grand Canyon, it’s an excellent destination for people that like to travel during the spring and summer. You can take flights over the canyon, traveling to Las Vegas to do a little bit of gambling, and come back home to relax at your beautiful hotel. Here are two reasons that you ought to seriously consider Henderson as a destination for your next vacation.

Visit Sloan Canyon National Park

This is a National Park that is very similar to the other areas like Lake Las Vegas, or even River Mountain Loop Trail. It is a little bit desolate, not possessing a whole lot of trees like people from California or Flagstaff Arizona might be used you, but its still wonderful location. It is also an area that you will be able to flyover if you take a flight or helicopter ride out of the area to see Las Vegas from the air or even the Grand Canyon.

Air Tours You Need To Try

If you are going to do this vacation in Henderson, you need to go in the air. There are three that you might want to consider. There is the Sky Combat Ace tour, and also Maverick Airlines which is just as good as the Las Vegas Flight Ventures. All three of these are fantastic and are affordably priced, especially if you can get them online. Best of all, you are going to be able to see Las Vegas, and the surrounding areas, in ways that you have never seen them before.

Travel to Henderson Nevada year to learn more about how fun this area is. You will never forget your trip doing things both on the ground, and in the air. It may cost a little bit more to travel during peak season travel, but the warm weather is always recommended. It’s an exciting time to feel great about your life, and spend it with family and friends, on this vacation to this wonderful area of Nevada that will more than likely be one of your favorite destinations in the US.