Activities For Kids In Henderson, Nevada


Henderson, Nevada is a great place to raise kids. The area is safe and it is packed with things to do. The cost of living is low in Henderson as well and so are property prices. You can buy a big home for the money and have lots of room for a family.

Henderson has a strong public school system and you can feel good about sending your kids to school there. There are also lots of parks and natural spaces to explore. The restaurants are family friendly and there are lots of places to shop and relax.

The Clark County Museum is a fun place to take your kids for an afternoon. This museum is hands-on and there are tons of activities for kids. The museum has exhibits from the ice age and the mining exhibit has a ghost town that you can explore. There are also Native American exhibits for the kids to touch and explore.

No child will be able to resist a visit to the Cowabunga Bay Water Park. There are a ton of water slides and pools and there are even spaces for the younger kids to splash in the water and cool off. There are enough rides to keep the kids occupied for the entire day. Your kids will be begging to go back to this water park again and again.

The Skymania Fun Centre is an entertainment center that features sports, games and other activities. It even has a suspended playing field. Your kids will have a blast and they will burn off lots of energy when they visit. Your kids can spend the day playing hundreds of games and getting healthy.

Mini golf is a perennial favorite for any child and King Putt gives you a safe space to play indoor mini golf. The golf course has an Egyptian theme and you enter pyramids that glow in the dark. You will encounter all sorts of mummies and other Egyptian things as you play your rounds of golf.

Henderson is fun place to raise your kids and you are not going to run out of things to do. There are so many activities for the kids and many of them are inexpensive. You can also find plenty of free activities to enjoy if you are on a budget. Living in Henderson is a fantastic place enjoy with your family.